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Steven Kellogg


·   Born October 26, 1941 in Norwalk, CT


·   Lives in Sandy Hook, Connecticut with his wife Helen, six stepchildren, and a mammoth Harlequin Great Dane


·   The fascination with books came early in Steven Kellogg's


·   Developed an activity to play with his sisters he called, "Telling stories on Paper" This involved Steven feverishly creating stories and illustrations that he would hand off to one sister and then the other until they were buried in paper.

·   He formulated pre-school plans to make drawing the center of his
lifetime career.

·   Attended Rhode Island School of design where he majored in illustration and received a B. F. A. in 1963

·   Author and Illustrator of over eighty picture books for children

·   First book was published in 1967

·   Illustrated over 100 books

·   He is famous for his own retellings of Tall Tales including
Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill

·   He spent many hours drawing and creating stories and learning how the pictures and text should work together.

·   Currently creates his whimsical illustrations and tall tales in an old

Peacock, Scott.  Something about the Author, Volume 130.  USA.  ISBN:  0787647187



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